Negra Li opens the game and makes a surprising revelation about sexuality

Black Li
Negra Li released the verb and spoke openly about her sexuality (Image: Playback / Instagram)

Cover of ELA this weekend, Black Li opened the game by talking about sexuality. In the report, the singer revealed that she decided to “come out of the closet” when it comes to sex,

I’ve been discovering some toys, and this has helped me to be calmer“, she said, confessing that she has been using a vibrator known as a clitoris sucker, which made her less anxious to find another partner:

“I even ventured out after the breakup, but I don’t like going out with a lot of people. I’m selective. I take care of this little body and this mind, I think they deserve someone nice”.

Negra Li also stated that she has received several messages of support since she started talking openly about masturbation on her social networks. “I’m very proud of that. I want all women to be like that and discover themselves early, as men do. With us it’s that thing: ‘Don’t play there! Its ugly!’“, he explained, also telling that he started taking a pompoarism course:

“It’s really cool, and I’ve already used the benefit of knowing how to hold and release only when I want to.”

Single since September last year, after more than 10 years of marriage to the singer Junior Dread, the artist recently spoke about how it was to rediscover sexual after so many years of union with the same person.

On Instagram, during Uma Só Tacinha, in which the singer takes a glass of wine and talks with her followers, she talked about the subject.

In the caption, the famous one said: “How about we get to know our body more and more? It’s very important to know what we like and don’t like and identify where exactly we feel pleasure. Knowing our sexuality is very valuable and we weren’t taught to do that. So the subject of this episode is sex. So, let’s learn together? Get your cup and come because I’m already waiting for you”.

At the beginning of the video, Negra Li, who was excited, told: “I need to talk to you about this, about how I rediscovered myself, transformed myself, found my sexuality, my pleasure. Before I thought sex was for two, I needed someone else. When I separated, I no longer had every time I wanted. I spent 14 years with someone and found myself alone. Then I turned 40 and became a wolf”.

When talking about masturbation, the singer pointed out: “I was raised by evangelical parents and, for me, this thing of touching yourself, talking about sex, was taboo. When I discovered how good it is to get to know our body, our pleasure, what we like… One of the best experiences of my life was making love to myself”.

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