Newspapers around the world speak of chaos, shame and ‘sad night for South American football’

The main sports newspapers around the world used the same tone to address Brazil x Argentina, match that was scheduled for this Sunday (5), in São Paulo, and ended up suspended soon with 5 minutes of the ball rolling. The duel was valid for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

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Anvisa inspectors entered the Neo Química Arena lawn to prevent the participation of four Argentine players (goalkeeper Martínez, defender Romero and midfielders Buendía and Lo Celso), who could not act for not complying with isolation rules, as they work in the Kingdom United. Early, O hello called the situation “world cardboard”.

After discussions, conversations with authorities and the participation of the Federal Police, the Argentines were escorted back to the hotel and the match was suspended. Now it’s up to FIFA, which organizes the qualifiers around the world, to decide if there will be a new game or if some of the selections will earn the points.

“Chronology of an embarrassment”, printed on its cover of the online edition, the newspaper Brand, from Spain. At and Sports World, from the same country, followed a similar line and treated the situation as “chaos”, “shame” and “grotesque sequence”.

“South American football has delivered yet another embarrassing situation, now in its greatest derby,” reported the sport, daily of Barcelona. “Argentina did not accept to follow the match and, quite rightly, went to the locker room.

Under Brazilian health regulations, travelers from the United Kingdom must comply with a minimum of quarantine, which did not happen with the Argentine quartet. The players would have omitted, at immigration, that they had passed through Europe less than two weeks ago.

On the field, all the players seemed to be in agreement to play, including Lionel Messi and Neymar, the two top names in the national teams. O le Parisien, who daily covers the steps of the PSG stars, also gave his vision of the case in São Paulo.

“Unbelievable. Regardless of who is to blame, it was a sad night for the image of South American football,” wrote the French daily.