Neymar shows ‘sixpack’ to counter critics about his weight; look! – Famous

Neymar has yet to overcome criticism that he would be playing “out of shape” (photo: AFP)

Neymar still haven’t got over the criticism what would I be playing “out of shape” in this Brazilian team return and to Paris Saint-Germain. Asked about a possible overweight, the country’s star returned to using social media to defend himself, this time showing a photo to display the “six pack”.

With his abs defined, the 10 shirt of the team wore an emoji with a pair of eyes and a brief questioning. “U”, he posted, in an ironic tone and “proving” that he is at the ideal weight, contrary to the questions.

Neymar even argued on social media after his 1-0 victory over Chile on Thursday, when he defended himself. He was reportedly caught with a few extra fat on the holidays after the Copa America and some fans accused him of still being “fat” and playing overweight.

The attacker did not like it and also defended himself with an ironic tone. On the occasion, he wrote: “Shirt was GT in my weight j. Next game pawn M”. Even so, he was still provoked with the release of photos of his abdomen in two competitions and on vacation, in which he really accumulated fat.

Overweight or already with the ideal physique, it is certain that Neymar will continue to be “the guy” of coach Tite. And, this Sunday, it will once again be the main bet for the defense of the perfect campaign in the Eliminations. In front of Argentina, at Neo Qumica Arena, in So Paulo, the coach invests heavily in the ace for a rematch of the Copa America final lost at Maracan.

With seven straight victories, expanding the brand means the possibility for the Brazilian team to open up nine points of advantage over the main rival on the continent. To be a classic between the only two unbeaten teams in the Eliminations.