Nubank announced Scheduled PIX; check how it will work

The big news related to PIX announced by Nubank, is that from now on, bank customers with a personal account (PF) or PJ (Corporate Entity) can schedule a transaction instant using any method of PIX, being by key or QR code. Next, find out how it works.

PIX was officially launched in Brazil in November 2020, and since then the Nubank is always dedicating itself to offer the best possible experience with the PIX. Therefore, the news announced by the bank indicates a further step in this direction.

It is noteworthy that Nubank launched the Scheduled PIX for any type of transaction and payment in a PF or a Legal Entity account. In this way, the customer can to schedule a PIX for anyone, including family and friends. The big benefit is that you can do this using any type of payment method involving the PIX.

Therefore, the transaction will be carried out on the scheduled date, avoiding major headaches for the customer. To do this, all you need to do is have the balance available in the account, and if you don’t have it, the bank will notify you through notification in the app itself and by email.

How to make a Scheduled Pix on Nubank?

The first step to schedule the PIX on Nubank, just choose a date within 2 months, the maximum period provided by the bank. This way, on the appointed day, the transaction will be carried out in the early hours of the morning, as it is not possible to choose the time.

Scheduled Pix will appear on the payer’s account statement as soon as it is scheduled, but whoever receives the transaction is only notified when the Pix is ​​actually performed, thus avoiding fraud.

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If the PIX is scheduled for the same day, the transaction will be carried out instantly, just as it would if it had not been scheduled. Furthermore, it is possible to cancel a Scheduled Pix at any time before the scheduled date. See below how to perform the operation.

Making a Scheduled PIX on Nubank is easy, and it works like this:

  • From the home screen of the Nubank app, go to the Pix area;

  • Choose the option “Transfer”;

  • Enter the transfer amount;

  • Inform the PIX key of the recipient, select a contact from the list or enter the person’s account details (starting with CPF or CNPJ);

  • Click on “When” and select a date to schedule the Pix (2 months maximum) ;

  • If you want, write a message and click on “Transfer”;

  • Enter your password and go! Successfully scheduled pix.

Customer Benefits

In addition to being a pioneer in the field of digital banks, Nubank has gained prominence in the scenario also due to the economy linked to users who have a digital account. More than R$ 20 billion reais were saved by customers, purely and simply for carrying out transactions through the bank.

This number can be tracked in real time via Nubank’s own social impact page. Another factor that has a big impact on the application’s usability is the simplicity of its use and the fact that the application is highly intuitive, so that users can easily solve any problem, even without the presence of an agency.

Remember that the Nubank it was born as a startup in São Paulo, like so many others in the Brazilian scenario, especially in the pandemic scenario. Despite the regional foundation, today the company has international operations in Mexico and Colombia. In addition to offices located in Argentina, Germany and the United States.

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