On the verge of another final, Tamires sees Corinthians on the way to being self-sustainable in women | corinthians

Owner of a strong role in Brazilian women’s football for years, Corinthians maintains its quest to become self-sustainable every season, obtaining its own resources capable of separating it from other sectors of the club. For this, it counts on excellent athletes.

One of the expressive cases is that of left-back Tamires, 33 years old, with a consolidated career in the Brazilian team and in Corinthians since 2019. An absolute highlight in her sector, she is now the new ambassador of the CBF Academy, a sector dedicated to training and education of new professionals.

With Tamires, Corinthians faces Ferroviária this Sunday, at 20:00, in the second game of the semifinal of the Brasileirão Mulher. In the first leg, Timão won 3-1.

For Tamires, football clearly expands outside the four lines. In an interview with ge, she analyzes not only the club’s development in recent years, but also the importance of planning the athletes’ post-career.

– We are not self-sustainable yet, but we are on the right path. We have people working very hard to achieve this goal as quickly as possible (…) We are a reference in Brazil on how to deal with women’s football with professionalism, and we show on the field how important all this structure and support outside it is – says the player.

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Tamires, the new CBF Academy ambassador — Photo: Kin Saito/RiosCom/CBF

Check out the interview with Tamires:

How do you assess, in a timeline, the growth of women’s football within Corinthians? What is being done is, in fact, moving towards an evolution?
– Speaking of Brazilian women’s football as a whole, the so-called “traditional” clubs have always played a very important role in this evolution process. Corinthians, as a football giant, came to show how investments and commitment to the sport are transformed into results and returns. So I assess the growth as very positive over the years. He had a successful partnership with Audax a few years ago, with Arthur Elias and the commission, building very strong squads, always fighting for titles, and this work made all the difference to show how strong and important it was to invest in women’s football. And having its own women’s football department was also fundamental in this process.

Tamires on the mural at Corinthians’ Neo Química Arena — Photo: Personal archive

– It is no wonder that Corinthians is a reference, and this long-term mind is very important and has borne fruit and titles. Today we have exclusive sponsors for women, and this fundraising work is excellent. We are not self-sustainable yet, but we are on the right path. We have people working very hard to achieve this goal as quickly as possible and we also have a very present marketing, a lot of engagement on social media, and this makes everyone, not only in Brazil, but in the world, to know about women’s football. Corinthians and the development that is taking place. And I always talk about how important the work carried out with the Corinthians base is, with full support, so that the girls can evolve too. So I say again: we are on the right path. We are a reference in Brazil on how to treat women’s football with professionalism, and we show on the field how important all this structure and support outside of it is. so that we can play our role as an athlete with excellence.

Do you believe the sport will become self-sustainable at the club? It’s not a common question for an athlete, but in your case I think it’s something you’re worried about.
I really believe that Corinthians can become self-sustainable in women’s football. Because we have people with high quality and very capable to develop this work. And women’s football has been growing not only in Brazil, but worldwide. This growth is enormous, and we can see, especially since 2019, how much has changed. With our feet on the ground, we know that we are still not where we would like to be, but I think evolution is constant and Corinthians has been doing the right job, taking the right steps, so that we can become self-sustainable in the near future.. In addition to the evolution with sponsorships, we also see how the transfer market is becoming an option for generating income, which makes the wheel spin, and so we raise the level of women’s football, bringing this different look. So I believe it’s a natural process. We have a lot of good girls coming to the base, with huge potential, and this attracts more and more eyes to this technical, tactical, physical, high level development… And the sponsors are looking to our sport, to grow together.

Tamires and his son, Bernardo, wearing the Brazilian national team shirt — Photo: Vitor Milanez/CBF

How does it feel to be one of the leaders of this team and respected for your history within the club?
– I am very happy to be one of the leaders of Corinthians and I share this responsibility with many great athletes. This team represents a lot for the club, but it is also a reference in Brazilian women’s football. In 2019, when I decided to return to Brazil, I had already closed with Corinthians even before playing the World Cup. And this commitment to the sport called my attention a lot to make the decision to return. All professionals are really committed to making it grow, and being an example to so many girls is very rewarding. But I’m always down to earth. I know that people already knew me, that I already served the Brazilian team, but I also gained my space within Corinthians. It is a daily construction, of delivery, of discipline, giving the best to each workout, so that results and opportunities come. So I feel very honored to be one of the references and I hope to continue helping Corinthians in the best way possible.

Tell us a little about the invitation to be a CBF Academy ambassador. Was it something you imagined for your career?
– The invitation to be a CBF Academy ambassador is another thing that makes me very, very grateful. I’m so happy for this opportunity to act as a spokesperson, especially at this very important moment for us women. It was a surprise, a privilege and an honor at the same time. I always, and especially after turning 30, have been thinking about post-career planning. I want to keep playing at a high level for a while longer, but I understand how important it is to plan now.. I’ve taken some courses at the CBF Academy in recent years, I’m taking the B License and I know that the professionals who work there are also committed to carrying this message forward about the importance of training. I received the invitation with great joy and I am happy to be opening the doors so that in the future we have more ambassadors and, naturally, more trained people, contributing to the evolution of football.

Do you want to do projects off the field, but still connected to sports? Or even education…
– When I was still playing in Denmark, I worked for a year teaching soccer in a school, in the mornings, to understand what this dynamic was like. And I really liked. It was a period that gave me a lot of experience, and I’ve always liked this area, working with children and teenagers. So I see myself, after an athlete’s life, working with this job. I have a dream of having a little school, of helping the next generations, and having this opportunity to empower myself and be able to help other girls and women is a very special moment. I feel very flattered and I want to help women’s football to grow. So having more and more committed women, training and studying football, whether in management, in the technical area, or whatever, we can only gain. Besides, the sport adds a lot to people’s lives. It gives discipline, opens doors, so this whole experience I had and am having, I want to share and encourage. And the way is to believe in dreams and have persistence always.

Tamires, from Corinthians, wearing the Brazilian national team shirt — Photo: Vitor Milanez/CBF

What are the expectations for this game back and, who knows, for another final?
– High expectation always. The Women’s Brasileirão is increasingly competitive, each game is very difficult, each game is very important. We achieved a good result in the first game, but we have to be aware that everything is open. We have to enter the field and play the way Corinthians does, with discipline, keeping the game plan and the guidelines of Arthur and the commission. And willing, right? It’s a semifinal, a decisive knockout game, so we can be prepared, and once again reach the final.

What is the balance of the season so far? Brazilian team and club.
The balance is positive. The goals that I set for myself, individually speaking, of competing for another Olympics, serving my country in a competition of this importance, were achieved. And the physical preparation is always something I value a lot. Thank God, no injuries and working hard to keep my pace. And with Corinthians it has been a great joy to be able to help my team in recent years. In the first half, I was a little more distant because of the pre-Olympic period, but now we have an important sequence of games. Now, in the second half, we have Paulistão, super level, the knockout matches of the Brazilian Nationals, and Libertadores in November. So it’s about continuing to give our best every day so that we can give more and more joy to Corinthians fans and make all the work of the women’s football department over the years valued more and more.

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