Paolla Oliveira comes up with a tight look on the web and Diogo Nogueira baba: ”I’m not mature”

Paolla Oliveira posted a series of photos in which she appears in a short shiny dress and receives praise from her boyfriend, Diogo Nogueira

Diogo Nogueira (40) could not resist the charms of his girlfriend, Paolla Oliveira (39)!

Last Sunday, 05, the singer melted for his beloved on social networks after the actress stole the scene with a powerful look.

On her Instagram profile, the muse shared a sequence of records in which she appears fully produced, wearing a short, shiny, long-sleeved dress. Smiling, the champion of Super Dance of the Famous posed showing off her healed legs and drew praise from her lover.

“I don’t have maturity”, joked Diogo in the publication’s comments, using heart emojis and laughing faces.

Paolla Oliveira shows a moment of intimacy with Diogo Nogueira

After being cited by Thai Araujo (42) in the The Masked Singer Brazil, Paolla Oliveira appeared glued to Diogo Nogueira at home. After the presentation of one of the masked ones in the program, the wife of Lazarus Ramos (42) commented that Paolla and Diogo could be in disguise. “I thought, just as Paolla Oliveira wouldn’t be here at this moment of passion, I also believe that Diogo Nogueira wouldn’t be dressing up as Monstro having Paolla Oliveira in his house”, said Thais. On Twitter, Paolla replied: “Hi, TaĆ­s. We’re at home, sister. Diogo Nogueira hasn’t left here. I guarantee it.”

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