Paralympic Committee explains irregularity that took gold from Thiago Paulino – 05/09/2021

Para-athlete Thiago Paulino lost the gold medal won in the F57 shot put, in Tokyo, last Friday (3). The Brazilian had the 15.10m mark canceled after review at the request of China and got the bronze medal. The analysis pointed out irregularities in Thiago’s pitch, according to World Para Athletic, an arm of the IPC (International Paralympic Committee) for Paralympic athletics.

In a statement, the institution claims that the Brazilian took his hips off his chair to make the pitch — a move that is illegal.

“Following an appeal by the China Paralympic Committee against a referee’s decision regarding the outcome of the F57 men’s shot put, an Appeals Jury was convened. The group consisted of two experienced International Technical Officials (ITOs) and a committee member World Para Athletics’ Sport (STC) coach in conjunction with the Jury Secretary The procedure followed by the Appeals Jury is set out in Rule 50 of the Rules and Regulations of World Parathletics.The appeal considered the 2nd and 3rd attempts by Thiago Paulino do Santos, Brazil. NPC China found that both attempts violated Rule 36.3 (Sitting throw, lift and fail technique),” the statement said.

“The rule states the following: ‘It will be a failure if an athlete moves from the seated position from the moment he takes the implement to the starting position of the attempt until the implement has landed.’ The Jury of Appeal analyzed the official video of the event held by Hawkeye [árbitro de vídeo]. The camera was positioned in front of the athlete, allowing the jury a clear view of the athlete during the launch and its preparatory phases,” the document continues.

The text also says that the jury interviewed the referee and the international coaches who watched the video. “After completing the investigation and deliberations, the Jury of Appeal determined that the attempts violated Rule 36.3 and upheld NPC China’s appeal.”

According to the document, there was no representative of the Brazilian Paralympic Committee at the time the decision was taken. “For this reason, an e-mail was sent to the delegation to inform the result of the appeal. As a courtesy, and although he is not obliged to do so, the president personally explained the decision of the jury to several representatives of NPC Brasil on the morning of 4 September, after his arrival at the National Olympic Stadium.”

“The president explained to the Brazilian representatives that, although the jury’s decision was final, it could be reconsidered if new conclusive evidence were presented. At the end of the morning, NPC Brasil presented more evidence, with a video of the respective attempts filmed from the stands by a spectator. Pursuant to Rule 50.9, the Jury of Appeal met again and considered the additional evidence,” the document continues.

After analysis, the group determined that there was no basis for overturning the previous decision. The Brazilian Paralympic Committee requested the official video, used to support the decision. “They were authorized to watch the images in the video exhibition room in the presence of the secretary”, concludes the note.