Pastor is forced to marry corpse after bride dies having forced abortion by him

a Nigerian pastor went forced to marry his fiancee’s corpse after she died from complications during an abortion he ordered her to have.

Founder of the Life Transformation Praying Ministry in Akwakuma (Nigeria), the Reverend Success Emeka Sunday was accused of drugging his pregnant fiancée, 32-year-old Chioma Okoye, in a plot to terminate her pregnancy.

The victim’s family, after learning of the results of the autopsy and the investigation, he forced the pastor to marry the corpse, told the website “Within Nigeria”.

Sunday started dating Chioma about five years ago. The couple became engaged in 2020 and immediately began planning their wedding. However, when Chioma became pregnant with the pastor, he rejected the child, saying the church disapproves of children born before marriage and insisting it would damage his reputation..

That’s when Sunday invited the bride to go to his house, where he doped her. The pastor then took Okoye to a hospital while she was passed out and asked the doctor to terminate her pregnancy. Although reluctant at first, the doctor decided to proceed with the procedure when the pastor allegedly insisted by force, the website “Naija News” reported.

Chioma Okoye was 32 years old
Chioma Okoye was 32 years old Photo: Reproduction

Chioma had serious complications during the abortion and started vomiting blood. The doctor advised the pastor to take her to a Federal Medical Center (FMC) for further treatment. At FMC, the pastor reportedly registered the bride under a different name and did not inform her family that she was seriously ill. The Nigerian woman died at the health unit before family members could intervene.

Chioma’s family discovered everything after the autopsy result, which revealed that there was traces of an abortion-related drug in the victim’s bloodstream. After the Nigerian’s family confronted him, the pastor confessed that he drugged her to terminate her pregnancy.

The victim’s family forced the pastor to marry Chioma’s corpse before the funeral. After the wedding, the Nigerian woman was buried on August 31, in Umuahia (Nigeria). Chioma’s name in her obituary was also changed to include the pastor’s last name as a sign that they were husband and wife..

After the “punishment”, Sunday returned to celebrating services. Widower.