Patient goes blind after surgery and accuses doctor: ‘Took my life, not just my eyesight’ | Fantastic

Shirin Saraeian, an Iranian-born Brazilian, became blind after undergoing abdominoplasty and liposculpture surgery. She lost full vision in her left eye and partial vision in her right eye due to an “ischemic optic neuropathy,” a damage to the optic nerves caused by an obstruction of the blood supply. The picture is irreversible.

This week, Shirin’s lawyers presented to the Public Ministry of São Paulo a request to initiate a police inquiry. They ask for an investigation of “very serious bodily injury committed by physician Renato Tatagiba”.

Audios show that, in the post-operative period, when she started to lose her vision, she contacted the doctor several times, but he was slow to answer her or didn’t even do so.

“Absolutely regrettable that a doctor in a post-operative period does not give due attention to a patient who reports that she is going blind in the way she reported. With the desperation she reported. It is absolutely regrettable. This conduct can indeed represent omission help,” says Shirin’s lawyer.

In a telephone interview, Renato Tatagiba stated that he followed all the recommendations at the time of releasing the patient: “I will prove that I acted exactly within the normal parameters, which the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery and the Federal Council of Medicine appreciate. . So much so that the parameters were normal during discharge”.

O Fantastic had access to Shirin’s chart. The document indicates that, at the time of discharge, she had significant changes in vital signs.

In addition to two reports presented by her lawyers, Fantástico heard the opinion of an independent doctor. All agree that the changes noted in the medical record were enough to trigger an alert and that new tests should have been ordered by the doctor.

Fantástico also found that the doctor is responding in court to 47 lawsuits for malpractice in five states: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais and Bahia.

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