Patricia Poeta undergoes emergency surgery and develops on the web

Responsible for being one of the hosts of É de Casa, Patricia Poet caught followers by surprise when sharing this Monday morning (6) a photo on Instagram in which she appears lying down, with a mask on her face and wearing a hospital gown.

“Dear ones, I have received many loving messages from you. First of all, thanks for your concern. I’ve slept a lot these past few days, due to the general anesthesia and the medications I’ve been taking. That’s why I couldn’t answer”, started the communicator.

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“My post is just a way to return this affection. I have been hospitalized since last week, because I had to go through an emergency and very complicated surgery on my tonsils. I’m still not 100%. A little far from that, I confess… But I’ll be fine. Thank you for the good energies and prayers. See you soon”, concluded Patricia, who received the affection of some famous people.

“I’m rooting for your improvement. Count on my prayers. You’ll be fine. And soon he’ll be back doing what he likes”, he wrote Fatima Bernardes. “Always cheering for you, partner. Good recovery!”, wished Fabricio Battaglini.