Pelé has been hospitalized for 6 days, after discovering a health problem

Pelé has been hospitalized for 6 days, after discovering a health problem

Pelé went to the hospital for routine annual exams (Photo: REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker)

Pelé has been hospitalized at Hospital Albert Einstein for 6 days, according to a calculation by the G1 portal. The “King of Football” had confirmed going to the hospital last Tuesday (31), but said he would only do routine tests. A health problem would have been found and that is why Pelé stayed in the hospital.

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There is still no medical report on Pelé. Therefore, the health problem has not been revealed. The former player has suffered from frequent problems with his hip, a place that has already undergone surgery.

Pelé’s manager Joe Fraga told Reuters that Pelé is still undergoing tests, but showed no concern. “Full battery of tests/images/colonoscopy/blood etc.”, wrote Fraga in a message. “He doesn’t do it all in one day.”

When Pelé was admitted to the hospital, rumors surfaced that he had fainted and was ill. But he denied it with a joke on social media.

“Guys, I didn’t pass out and I’m in very good health. I went for my routine exams, which I had not been able to do before because of the pandemic. Let me know I don’t play next Sunday!”

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