PF and Anvisa agents enter the field to search for players who have not completed quarantine and Argentina withdraws | São Paulo

Agents of the Federal Police and Anvisa entered this Sunday afternoon (5) in the field of Neo Química Arena, in São Paulo, to remove four players from Argentina who had not fulfilled the quarantine against the spread of the coranavirus. With that, the Argentine team withdrew from the field where it would play a match against the Brazilian team.

Afterwards, Conmebol suspended the game for the World Cup qualifiers, organized by FIFA.

Emiliano Martínez, Buendía, Cristian Romero and Giovani Lo Celso, four players from Argentina’s national team, made false health statements on the form upon entering Brazil, said Anvisa.

The entity communicated the fact to the Federal Police so that “measures within the scope of the police authority are taken immediately”, according to the note from Anvisa.

The Federal Police tried to look for the players in the hotel and, later, in the dressing room, but Argentina did not allow them to enter and, therefore, they claim that they had to enter the field.

“We have reached this point because everything that Anvisa guided, from the first moment, was not fulfilled. They were instructed to remain isolated to await deportation. But it was not fulfilled. They travel to the stadium, enter the field, there is a sequence of non-compliances”, stated Antonio Barra Torres, CEO of Anvisa, in an interview with announcer Galvão Bueno, on TV Globo.

For Torres, they need to be deported and fined for sanitary infractions.

“I’m not aware of the sports law, I can’t give an opinion about it. What I know about the health aspect is that these four players need to be deported from Brazil. They will be fined and fined for a sequence of health infractions. The first infraction was not complying with isolation, the former in answering the traveler’s question in a reliable way, and now playing. With more than 500,000 dead, in the middle of the pandemic, orders are being disregarded at the behest of I don’t know who,” says the director-president of the Anvisa.

Anvisa President explains why the match between Brazil and Argentina was interrupted

Anvisa President explains why the match between Brazil and Argentina was interrupted

Before entering the field, Anvisa asked the authorities of the state of São Paulo to isolate the four and stated that they could not remain in Brazil.

“Anvisa considers the situation a serious health risk, and therefore advised the local health authorities to determine the immediate quarantine of players, who are prevented from participating in any activity and must be prevented from remaining in Brazilian territory“, says the organ in a statement.

But, according to the GE, an agreement between the federal government, CBF and Conmebol allowed the four to participate in the game and, therefore, they even entered the field.

These four Argentines play for English clubs (Emiliano Martínez at Aston Villa, and Cristian Romero and Lo Celso, at Tottenham). Travelers who have been to the UK, South Africa, Northern Ireland and India must undergo a 14-day quarantine before entering Brazil.

Before traveling to São Paulo, they even informed that they would be in Venezuela. “However, unofficial news reached Anvisa reporting alleged false statements made by such travelers,” said Anvisa.

For the agency, it is a “notorious non-compliance” with an inter-ministerial ordinance and with the norms of Brazilian immigration control.