Police take advertiser to police station after insults and threats to Alexandre de Moraes

Threats and insults to Justice Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court, by people allegedly drunk who were at Clube Pinheiros led a magistrate’s security guard to file an incident report for injury in the early hours of Friday 3.

According to the document obtained by the state, a member of the minister’s personal escort said he witnessed a man call Alexandre a “bald thief”, “PCC lawyer”, “let’s close the STF” and “bald son of a bitch”.

The minister had arrived from Brasília and was in his apartment from where he heard insults directed at him.

The BO was drawn up against advertising agent Alexandre da Nova Forjas, who was taken by military police to the 14th Police Station in Pinheiros. At the scene, he claimed he was watching a football game at Clube Pinheiros, claiming that there were several tables insulting the STF minister. Forjas said he did not know such people and, when asked about the insults and threats, he denied it.

Alexandre de Moraes’ security guard told the police that he was called by “private guards” who informed him of the threats and injuries that would have been made to the STF minister at Clube Pinheiros. He headed to the venue, said that he “found four individuals at a table talking loudly and drinking alcoholic beverages from the sidewalk and through the club rail” and asked a club employee to guide the group that insulted Alexandre to stop with the offenses.

The member of the magistrate’s personal escort also said that he remained at the site until around one o’clock in the morning, when “feelings calmed down”, and then left the Club. However, before arriving at his operational base, the security guard was warned again by the employees that the individuals again began to threaten and offend Alexandre.

The security guard says that, when he arrived at the entrance of Clube Pinheiros, he witnessed Forjas swearing at the minister as a “bald thief”, “PCC lawyer”, “we’re going to close the STF” and “bald son of a bitch”. Also according to the BO, another witness also witnessed the facts.

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