Pregnant and four more people die from Covid-19 in Alagoas | alagoas

Alagoas registered 181 confirmed cases and five deaths by Covid in the last 24 hours. The data are from the epidemiological bulletin of the State Department of Health (Sesau) this Sunday (5). Among the five people who died, there is a 31-year-old pregnant woman from Maceió.

She died at Hospital Veredas, in the capital. Sesau did not disclose the time of pregnancy or whether the baby survived.

You Coronavirus deaths in the state are in continuous decline, but suspected cases are growing: for the For the first time this year, there were five deaths by Covid per day., but there was an increase of 195 suspected cases in the last 24 hours.

During the past 11 days, Alagoas has maintained the daily number of six deaths by Covid.

There are 4,231 suspected cases in the state, waiting for test results. In the previous epidemiological bulletin, there were 4,036 cases under investigation.

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The state counts 236,604 confirmed cases and 6,101 deaths of people who were infected with the coronavirus.

Of the total number of people diagnosed with the disease, 664 are still undergoing treatment, isolated at home. Another 229,584 patients have already recovered.

The occupancy rate of ICU beds in the state was 13% this Saturday (4), according to the latest bulletin.

5 more deaths by Covid in Alagoas

  • Maceió: Male, 53 years old – chronic liver disease
  • Maceió: Female, 31 years old – pregnant
  • Arapiraca: Female, 63 years old – diabetic and hypertensive
  • Cashew tree: Female, 46 years old – hypertension
  • Rio Largo: Female, 78 years old – diabetes and sequelae of a cerebrovascular accident (CVA)

Deaths in the month by municipality

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