Pyramid scheme: 1st victim to report investigated in BA ‘invested’ more than half a million reais and had a luxury car sold | Bahia

  • Family also filed a complaint: ‘I wanted to be among people to find more people’

For fear of reprisals, the man asked the G1 to omit his name. In addition to the investment scam, he also said that Henrique sold his car, a luxury vehicle worth R$ 140 thousand, along with a financial company. The case was registered at the police station.

“In early March, he approached me to show me the project. Initially I rejected it, then he made me a tempting offer, at 2% fixed per month. It was like a loan and not an investment. 3 months,” reported the man.

“He boasted a life of luxury, cars and parties. My friends had big sums with him too, so I decided to put in R$550k.”

O G1 did not get contact from Henrique’s defense. He has already testified to the police and is expected to be heard again this week. Other clients aggrieved in the negotiations are also being heard as cases are being filed.

Henrique Sepulveda sent false transfer receipts to the victim — Photo: Personal file

At the end of the second month of the alleged financial investment, the first victim of the scam said that she began to notice some strange behavior in Henrique, as well as signs that he had no money or that his investment company had gone bankrupt.

“That’s when I asked to withdraw the money and he started making excuses. Saying that the broker was not allowing him to make the withdrawal, but that he would solve it as soon as possible. See you later. [captura de tela] of conversation with the broker’s advisors he presented”, he detailed.

“He was bullshitting me for 30 days, until fake TED voucher [transferência eletrônica] he sent me. After the bomb went off, I found out that he had done the same to other people.”

The man said that, after a lot of pressure, Henrique decided to reveal the situation and said that the company had gone bankrupt. [Confira no vídeo acima]

“At first it was a scare, but then I tried to understand what had happened and make a deal with him. After all, he claimed that I was his biggest client, and that the amount lost wasn’t that big.”

“After 50 days of negotiation, he always promised to send some money, always sending false receipts, I decided to expose the situation on social networks.”

It was from this decision that other investors and people who also intended to invest learned that it was a scam. “It was amazing to see that no one knew about the situation. People called me on Instagram to say they were going to put money in in the next few days. In other words, it was going to harm more and more people and the blow would be even bigger.”

Henrique Sepulveda sent false transfer receipts to the victim — Photo: Personal file

Regarding the first victim, in addition to the direct damage for the money allegedly applied, the case was aggravated because Henrique also sold a luxury car.

“When he realized that I was going to change my car, he approached me and asked for preference in the purchase. This was practically at the same time that I invested the capital. He asked me for the DUT [documento único de transferência] signed, claiming that it was a requirement of the bank. Weeks passed and none of the money landed in my account. He always made up an excuse.”

“So I decided to sell the car to someone else. Upon arriving at the dispatcher, we realized that the car was sold by a finance company,” he recalled.

The man then discovered that the financing had been made in the name of Henrique’s girlfriend, Catiele Souza Mota, who also operated the investors’ capital. Catiele was summoned by the police and is expected to testify later this week.

“He managed to get the money from my car in his account, and he didn’t give me anything. In the deposition [à polícia] he took up this theft practice and said that he decided to invest the money from the car in his company. I want justice! We are outraged by the situation.”

“It’s not possible for an individual like that, who broke 10 million reais, to come out of this as a good citizen. He deserves jail for all the dreams he stole.”

Henrique can answer for embezzlement, crimes against the popular economy, against the capital market, against the economic order and against the National Financial System.

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