Rainer Cadete assumes sexuality for the first time in an interview and makes an unexpected revelation

Rainer Cadet
Rainer Cadete reveals his sexuality (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Rainer Cadet is returning to play Visky in the new season of Secret Truths and, at the age of 34, he surprised by revealing that his sexuality is fluid, in an interview with GQ Brasil.

At the time, he started talking about the importance of the character for his personal life:

“It made me make peace with my feminine side. Because of the society we live in, men have a sick masculinity that doesn’t make up with the movements that are happening. It makes me research, interested and curious about different topics”.

“Everyone asks me about my sexuality, it seems like it’s a very important issue. I hope that in a little while we don’t care about that. Each one expresses their sexuality and their gender in a unique way”, revealed.

“I don’t feel like I discovered anything, she just manifested, but I always understood myself that way”, assumed, further saying that, from the community LGBTQIa+, it is in the “+”:

“The whole movement is important but sexuality is individual and everyone feels in their own way.”

As for the pickup lines he usually receives on social networks, he admitted: “I get a lot of singing, and I deal with it in a very natural and calm way. When it’s a sing with respect it’s all right”.

“What I post on social media is because I think it’s important to naturalize and accept the body and sexuality, but that doesn’t set precedents for sending me what they want”, I also said, even though not focusing on the novels:

“I’m very focused on my work, no time [risos]. I have work for the next 4 and 5 years…”.

And about the changes in the new season of the soap, he guaranteed:

“Brazil is no longer the same, Globo is no longer the same, fashion is no longer the same… in short, I am no longer the same. A lot has changed. New paths for characters. Visky has a bigger space, has more prominence in the plot. He didn’t stop working in the field, he developed and matured. I think people will be able to identify all of this. He is more secure about himself and his sexuality. It continues with these two sides, the shadow side and the light side”.

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