Randolfe: ‘Bolsonaro campaigns for coup d’état’ – Politics

Vice-president of the CPI of COVID, Randolfe Rodrigues, states n
Vice President of CPI at COVID, Randolfe Rodrigues, says he does not believe in a possible institutional rupture (photo: Pedro France/Senate Agency)

The vice president of COVID’s Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI), senator Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP), stated that the opposition cannot underestimate the strength of president Jair Bolsonaro (no party).

Commenting on the 7 September demonstrations called by the president himself, Randolfe said that, “if there is a mistake the opposition cannot make underestimate Bolsonaro’s strength. It is an extreme right-wing fundamentalist movement. social basis”.

“The president is campaigning declared to be re-elected in 2022. He is campaigning declared to carry out a coup d’état”, said the congressman in an interview with Congress in focus.

Incensed by President Jair Bolsonaro (no party), supporters of the federal government march to Brasilia to ask for the removal of ministers from the Supreme Court (STF) and, if this does not occur, for military intervention.

The senator stated that he does not believe in a possible rupture. “Like the day after a coup in Brazil today? I do not believe that the six military commands, or one of the six military commands, will rise up against the democratic order to respond to the authoritarian raptures of an out of control. Like this next day? Depose the eleven ministers of the STF, or ten, save one who is closer? Is it all that? Closes the National Congress? No reaction from the financial market? Honestly, I don’t believe it,” he said when asked about the protests.

For Randolfe, Bolsonaro’s supporters will demonstrate to “smear democracy”.

Also according to COVID’s CPI deputy, if there is any attempt to break up, the response needs to be quick and strong. No appeasement policy,” he said. “There can’t be Chamberlain policy. There has to be a Churchill policy”, he added.

“When it comes to polarization for the 2022 dispute, I think the polarization that must exist between all those who are allied with democratic forces on one side and on the other, Jair Bolsonaro,” he says. “The Network will be on the side of whoever defeats Bolsonaro, if possible in the first round,” he declared.