Rio should have a Sunday without rain and a maximum of 32°C; this is the 2nd weekend of Operation Summer | Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro must have a Sunday (5) without rain and the maximum temperature can reach 32°C this holiday. On the other hand, the minimum must not exceed 19°C. Forecasts are from the system Rio alert, from the Operations Center.

The weather will be influenced by the approach of a cold front from the ocean, which will cause light to moderate winds (up to 51.9 km/h). The sky should alternate from partly cloudy to cloudy.

On Monday (6), the forecast is that the cold front will pass through the ocean and the sky will be predominantly cloudy with light and isolated rain during the early morning and at night.

People walk along the beachfront in Rio — Photo: Reproduction/GloboNews

In the morning, some people circulated along the edge of Praia do Arpoador, in the South Zone of Rio. This is the second Sunday of the Operation Summer, which has 2,500 police officers. The reinforced inspection scheme only ends in March 2022.

According to the Municipal Department of Public Order (Seop), on Saturday (4), three sanitary infractions were registered, but there were no arrests. A barbecue that would take place on the shore was banned, as well as a clandestine event, without authorization, in Barra da Tijuca, in the West Zone.

Smooth movement on the edge of Arpoador — Photo: Reproduction/GloboNews

Operation Summer Balance

From August 26th to September 3rd, they were registered;

  • 4 arrests;
  • 51 different approaches;
  • 542 seizures of products that were sold by street vendors;
  • 582 traffic tickets;
  • 13 sanitary infractions;
  • 1 camping tent removed;

On Saturday, agents also seized 6 vests from car guards who were acting improperly.

‘People with mask in hand’

The inspector general of the Municipal Guard of Rio, José Ricardo Soares — Photo: Reproduçaõ/GloboNews

The inspector general of the Municipal Guard of Rio, José Ricardo Soares, stated that the use of a mask is still mandatory. Guard agents are guiding people who are breaking the rule.

“We not only guide but also apply the restrictive measures. Usually in the sand, where there is a place that is more open and people are also going to the water, we are not restraining. But people on the sidewalk are automatically stopped by our agents. Either the measures are restricted or are targeted. People often have a mask in their hands,” said Soares.

“At the end of the day, as soon as we leave the beach, we start inspecting the areas where there are gastronomic centers and also the clandestine parties. Just yesterday, in Barra da Tijuca, we closed a party at Bella Marina, that is, to interrupt a period of agglomeration there and also an event that was not authorized”, completed the inspector general.