Rizek comments repercussion of “crooked thumb” in family photo

Family photo of Andréia Sadi and André  Rizek reverberated on social media.  Photo: reproduction/Instagram/andrerizek

Family photo of Andréia Sadi and André Rizek had repercussions on social networks. Photo: reproduction/Instagram/andrerizek

News Summary

  • André Rizek’s big toe stole the scene in a photo of the journalist with his family

  • Several followers didn’t even notice the cuteness of the couple’s twins and made jokes

  • Second presenter, Andréia Sadi was “heavy” with the repercussion

It was supposed to be just a record of a family outing, but one detail stole the scene in the photo André Rizek shared on social media this weekend. Accompanied by his wife, Andréia Sadi, and his children, João and Pedro, at the click, the journalist really caught the attention of his big toe! The repercussion surprised the couple and left the GloboNews journalist “heavy”.

In the original post, shared on Instagram, several followers made fun of noticing the “protagonist” of the image.

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“Beautiful family, but that big toe surprised me,” commented one. “A hug for you, family and the bunion!!! Congratulations!”, mocked another. “It even looks like someone else’s big toe was glued to his foot,” joked a third.

The SporTV presenter took the opportunity to make fun of the situation.

“My wife was thrilled that my delicate left foot was more successful than the cuteness of the family on specialized sites! Do what? Let her fight. It was never luck, it was always work,” he wrote on Twitter last Saturday (4).

In the replies to the tweet, Andréia confirmed the reaction and replied with good humor: “I was freaked out”.

She added that she was “accustomed” to the now famous “crooked toe”.