Santos makes consultations and wants to advance for a new coach this Monday; foreigners are not on the radar

O saints waits to advance for one substitute for coach Fernando Diniz at a Management Committee meeting this Monday.

O Peixe is looking for a quick definition to enjoy the free week before the match against the Bahia on Saturday, at Vila Belmiro, for the 20th round of the Brazilian championship.

President Andrés Rueda and the football department have already discussed names and made inquiries. The objective is to forward options to the collegiate to vote and move forward. The group is formed by Rueda, Vice President José Carlos de Oliveira and six councilors.

The context makes Santos not look for foreigners. The idea is to bring in someone who can get an immediate reaction from the squad after six games without a win.

Ariel Holan and Fernando Diniz, choices made by this administration, had similarities in their profile, such as the search for possession of the ball and ‘defending by attacking’. After the negative results, Peixe already admits to bringing some professional who gives strength to the defense and doesn’t mind acting in transition.

The main names available on the market are Abel Braga, Dorival Júnior, Fábio Carille, Guto Ferreira, Roger Machado and Rogério Ceni. Everyone is free and, with the exception of Carille, has already been considered at Santos at some point.