São Paulo will have a ‘barrier’ to overcome before counting on Calleri in attack

Jonathan Calleri has yet to be officially introduced as a new player for São Paulo, but in addition to the announcement of his hiring having already been made, the striker is already training at the CT of Barra Funda alongside his new teammates already aiming for his long-awaited debut. But, the trend is that the match that will mark the Argentine’s return to the Tricolor will take a little longer, since he hasn’t entered the field for more than four months.

Jonathan Calleri’s last official game was on April 21st. Still defending the Osasuna, the Argentine started against the Valence and even shook the nets, contributing directly to the 3-1 victory for the Spanish Championship.

Since then, more than four months have passed, and precisely for this reason the new São Paulo reinforcements will need time to physically recondition themselves. Jonathan Calleri arrived in São Paulo last Thursday and on the same day he started training at the Barra Funda CT.

With a free week to participate in the tricolor interseason, Calleri’s mission is to mingle with his new teammates and, if he doesn’t meet the conditions for the 12th, against the Fluminense, at least getting closer to the long-awaited debut for São Paulo.

In his first spell at Tricolor, Jonathan Calleri scored 16 goals in 31 matches. The Argentine arrived in February 2016 and said goodbye in June of the same year, helping to lead São Paulo to the semifinals of the liberators and finishing the tournament as top scorer with nine goals.

Calleri was also the player who submitted the most times to the goal that season (83) and who most hit the target (35), enough numbers to fall into the favor of the fans and have his name chanted in the stands.



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