Sarah Andrade and Lucas Viana end their relationship: “We decided together”

After about three months together, Sarah Andrade and Lucas Viana decided to put an end to the relationship. The “announcement” came this Sunday (5), through the social networks of both. Sarah he said that he still likes the boy a lot and that he would like to have him in his life forever. The champion of “The farm” said the decision was taken by the two together.

Sarah Andrade breaks up with Lucas Viana (Photo: Instagram/@sarahandrade)

“A few days ago we had decided to end our relationship…and you think about the pain in your heart?!
Soon he and I who spent years without feeling this for someone else, soon we who no longer believed that it would be possible to live this fairy tale romance,” he wrote Sarah on your Instagram.

The ex-BBB commented that they had already been thinking about breaking up before and decided to go back on the decision. However, without explaining the reason, he hinted that it is not always possible to have what you want. “It turns out that God’s plans aren’t always the same as ours. Today, I have to say that our relationship has come to an end, but the respect and friendship we built remains. I want to take you to life”, he commented. See your publication:

Lucas Viana, who made the announcement about the end of the relationship, practically at the same time as Sarah, said the two made that decision together. “We decided together to end this cycle with all the love, affection and respect that has always existed. Making sure it worked out for the period it was destined to work out. Before anything else, we were and will continue to be great friends”, he declared.


The ex-Fazenda also took the opportunity to declare himself one last time. “Sarah is an amazing woman and she deserves the best. I have always been very proud of what she has already achieved and what she will still achieve”, he said. See your publication:

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