‘Sex Dilemma’ · TV News

Interpreter of personal trainer Igor in Secret Truths, Adriano Toloza will return in the sequel to Walcyr Carrasco’s novel and delivered some spoilers of the character who ended up getting Pia pregnant (Guilhermina Guinle) and swearing love. “Our family will face a dilemma, including in relation to sex,” said the actor.

In Verdades Secretas 2, which has no release date, Igor and Pia will be married and have a five-year-old son. “Igor is still completely in love with Pia, he’s even jealous of his own son, blaming the couple’s lack of sex for the intensity of the mother’s relationship with the child,” said Toloza in an interview with Quem magazine.

“Pia will be going through a very interesting stage of maturation. Igor will be somewhere else, a little dazzled by his married life and the social ascension he has had,” added the artist. “The couple’s development will be surprising,” he concluded.

In the story, Igor is the personal trainer of Pia, former wife of Alex (Rodrigo Lombardi). The two star in many hot scenes in the first part, with sex in the shower at the gym where they train.

“Working with Guilhermina is incredible. She’s a brilliant actress, with scenic intelligence, humor and a lot of charisma. She’s always in a good mood. It’s a pleasure to work with her again”, praised the sarado.

“I don’t feel any discomfort [com cenas quentes]. I believe that it is part of an actor’s job to be shameless with his own body on stage. As for the family, I don’t usually watch soap operas with them (laughs)”, he confessed.

Asked about the security protocols adopted during the recordings, the actor also said that everything is new. “The weirdest thing is rehearsing with a mask. You can’t forget or abstract it, and in fiction we’re not talking about Covid-19. That’s why it’s weird, but, despite being weird, it’s strictly necessary,” he said.