she almost took BRL 1 million and then won SBT in court

“Show do Milhão” returned to SBT last Friday (3), now with a performance by Celso Portiolli. The quiz show, which became a fever in the first seasons, collects curious stories. One of them was with a participant from Salvador (BA), who came very close to taking a suitcase of R$ 1 million in gold bars in 2000.

Ana Lúcia Serbeto had to choose between answering the million-dollar question or stopping and guaranteeing the R$500,000 she had already earned. If he answered and got it wrong, he would only receive R$300. He decided not to risk it.

Most surprising, however, was what happened after the game show. The question that was worth the top prize was poorly formulated, and that is why the woman from Bahia placed the SBT in court.

The question was: “Does the Constitution recognize the rights of Indians for how much of the Brazilian territory?”

Celso Portiolli is the presenter of the new 'Show do Milhão' - Lourival Ribeiro/SBT - Lourival Ribeiro/SBT

Celso Portiolli is the presenter of the new ‘Show do Milhão’

Image: Lourival Ribeiro/SBT

The problem is that the answer considered correct by the program had been taken from the Barsa encyclopedia, and not from the Constitution as the question suggested. Ana Lúcia filed the lawsuit, and the Court understood, in the first instance, that there was no correct alternative to the question that was raised.

Ana Lúcia’s lawyers asked for an indemnity of R$ 500 thousand, precisely the remaining amount for her to earn R$ 1 million.

The company BF Utilidades Domésticas, belonging to the Silvio Santos Group, and responsible for payments to the participants of the attraction, appealed to the STJ (Supreme Court of Justice) claiming that the conviction was unreasonable. The reason? As Ana Lúcia did not answer the million-dollar question, she would not have suffered any kind of damage that would justify compensation in that amount.

According to the judgment, the STJ partially accepted the company’s arguments, reducing the indemnity value from R$ 500 thousand to R$ 125 thousand. Therefore, the Bahia woman ended up receiving a total of R$ 625,000 counting on the indemnity.

Another case that went down in the history of “Show do Milhão” is Sidney Moraes, but this ended with a shower of money on the stage: the retiree answered the last question and won R$ 1 million from Silvio Santos.