Sister of Josy Oliveira reveals what happened to the ex-BBB and makes an emotional tribute: “We let special moments pass”

A lot of sadness… This Saturday (4), ex-BBB Josy Oliveira died in São Paulo, aged 43, after suffering a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) during a delicate surgery to treat an aneurysm. In an interview for G1, granted today (5), the sister’s sister, Jeanne Oliveira, spoke about the last days of Minas Gerais, how she discovered her diagnosis and the tribute she intends to pay in her memory.

On Tuesday (31), Josy went through the surgical procedure, and due to complications she was left in an induced coma until she couldn’t resist anymore. “She spent days in the ICU and since then we have tried, her husband and I, to encourage her in every way. We prayed, talked to her, put on music, did everything. But unfortunately she didn’t come back. But the certainty I have is that Josy went in peace”, said Jeanne.

The sister revealed that in the coming days, the organs of the ex-BBB will be donated and after the procedure, the body will be cremated and the ashes should be spread over the sea. Jeanne Oliveira said that it has been a very difficult time for the family, since in addition to Josy’s early departure, in December 2020, their mother also died of lung cancer. “My father is very shaken by the death of my sister, mainly because we still felt the loss of my mother”, he explained.

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In fact, it was the loss of the matriarch that helped in the diagnosis of Josy’s aneurysm. Doctors advised the sisters to undergo a battery of tests to find out if the disease could be hereditary. The girl from Minas sought care from at least six doctors, however, the aneurysm was totally irregular, and she was already fragile. The team that took care of your case advised that the surgery be performed as soon as possible through the catheter procedure.

josy son
Josy Oliveira left a 5-year-old son, little Mateus. Photo: Reproduction

In surgery, when the catheter was inserted, the aneurysm burst and Josy ended up having a stroke. With the hemorrhage, the brain swelled and the intracranial pressure became very high. She was left in an induced coma, intubated and with a catheter in her head, hoping to reduce intracranial pressure. Days later, the doctors took the sedatives off and after 40 hours, the ex-BBB’s body remained unresponsive. After all the usual protocols, brain death was found.

In addition to organ donation and the idea of ​​scattering the ashes at sea, Jeanne Oliveira hopes to be able to organize a mass to honor her sister and enable friends and fans to say goodbye to her in some way. On Instagram, she even made an exciting post dedicated to Josy and her mom.

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“It was us 3. Life is stupid and we are even dumber! We let special moments go by because of lack of time, laziness, discouragement or even indifference. Today, my thinking changes forever. From now on, there will be no more excuses for seeing friends, visiting relatives, enjoying every moment with simple things. Everything is fleeting, we know… but we will never be prepared! My advice: enjoy life in the best way possible and stop using excuses to be with special and loved people!”, shared.


Tallia Sobral, a councilor elected by the PSOL of Juiz de Fora, was one of the first people to mourn the death of the ex-BBB on Twitter. “What sad news! I just found out about the death of Josy Oliveira. She was part of our LGBTQIA+ life at People, was our singer on Sundays and was always very welcoming. I fondly keep an autographed CD. A hug to family and friends!”, he wrote.

In a conversation with Quem magazine, the former “BBB 9” confinement colleague, Max Porto, spoke about Josy’s departure. “We are shaken by this unpleasant surprise. Josy was a very special and very dear person”, he said. Janaína do Mar, who participated in the 11th edition of the program, was very close to Oliveira and paid tribute to her on social networks. “I didn’t have time to say goodbye, I didn’t hug, I didn’t say how amazing she was… I was absent… I was far away… And today there’s no more time. So don’t leave anything for tomorrow, it doesn’t even exist. @josyoliveiraofficial, I love you. Go in peace friend!”, shared.

Other colleagues who spoke to Quem about Josy Oliveira were Francine Piaia, Ana Carolina Madeira and Vovó Naná. “I am shocked by the news of the early death of Josy, a young woman, full of life, with a whole life ahead of her, who is leaving behind a small child. All this is very sad, that God comforts the family and receives them in his arms with much light. My feelings to the whole family”, revealed Ana, adding that she and Naná were together when they received the news.

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“I’m very sad about the loss of Josy. Wow, very young. May God receive her with great love and calm the whole family”, completed the old woman. “I’m very scared and sad about this news, I just found out”, said Francine. “What a sadness!! May God comfort the family!”, said former BBC Alan Passos on Hugo Gloss’s page.

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Josy, Ana and Naná were very close during the game. Photo: Fabrício Mota/TV Globo

Josy Oliveira’s trajectory

Josy Oliveira from Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, had a degree in psychology, but dedicated herself a lot to her singing career after participating in the reality show on TV Globo. Even before entering the most guarded house in Brazil, she had already released the album “Influence” in 2006. Over time, the sister decided to resume her activities as a psychologist. She left a child, little Mateus, aged 5, as a result of her marriage to Daniel Ramos.

Josiane Belizário de Oliveira entered the “BBB 9” after winning the public vote at the famous “House of Glass”. “I know I’ll have my opponents, I know there will be people wanting to take me out of my face. As it is a game, if I need to lie and feel that this is the goal for me to reach the end, I will lie”, said in his presentation video.

Inside the house, she moved the game when she met Newton, with whom she had started a romance before starting the program, but discovered that he had been “dragging a wing” for Priscila Pires and soon discarded him. Josy went so far in the game, finishing in sixth place, but ended up being eliminated with 68% of the votes in a wall against Ana Carolina Madeira, one of the favorites for the big prize of the program.