Thaeme shows her baby’s face and tells if she was ever born

The singer Thaeme Mariôto delighted when she showed her baby Ivy’s face and talked about the birth

The singer Thame Mariôto is looking forward to the arrival of his second daughter, little Ivy. She and her husband, businessman Fábio Elias, are already the parents of little Liz, two years old. And now the singer is nine months pregnant with Ivy.

The famous mom has distanced herself a bit from social media in recent days and the attitude has already made many netizens think that Ivy was born. But the singer returned to the networks and showed her pregnant belly, explaining that Ivy was not yet born!

She also said that she had another ultrasound. AND Thame showed her baby’s face on 3D ultrasound. The famous mom also told her the approximate size and weight of her daughter at the moment. “My little one! We went to see her again today! Approximately 3,195 kg and 45 cm”, said the singer.

Netizens were nothing but praise for little Ivy. “How beautiful Ivy is! Anxious for her arrival”, commented a netizen. And another internet user said: “Ivy is very beautiful! That’s cute!”.

The singer also spoke about the real reason for having distanced herself from social media. “Hey loves, missing for reasons of…washing the clothes that go to maternity leave by hand! I’m even wet here, sir! They are more delicate items, I was afraid to wash them in the machine, I prefer to wash them by hand!”, she said.

Thame he also talked about a situation he went through with his eldest daughter Liz in relation to her youngest. The singer said that Liz found a pacifier from Ivy and that she already wanted the item for her. “Yeah guys, Ivy’s pacifier! Yesterday I opened a trunk with Ivy’s little things and there was a pacifier inside and she said: ‘I want it, I want it’. And we said: ‘no, it’s Ivy’s daughter’. And she replied: ‘but Ivy lends me, Ivy lends me,’” reported the singer.

Thaeme delighted by showing Ivy's face

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