Tonico’s election shocks Dom Pedro II: “Boçal”

In the next chapters of the novel in the times of the emperor, Sun Pedro II (Selton Mello) is not excited about the visit to Bahia, especially with living with Tonic (Alexander Nero).

On his return to Rio de Janeiro, the emperor finds Caxias (Jackson Antunes) and gives details of the trip. He says that the biggest difficulty was putting up with the partner of Eudorus (Jose Dumont).

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Pedro reveals that Tonico is an unpalatable and inconvenient person. Therefore, he disbelieves in the election of the villain, who has just become a deputy.

“I was astonished by the degree of bocality of Tonico Rocha. And he managed to be elected deputy!”, he reports, shocked at the level of person who will represent the people.

Caxias is realistic and says the practice is common in the country. “This is the profile of most deputies. Nor could it be any different, if they are elected by buying votes, taking slaves to vote for the halter, making them pass as free men!”, reveals.

Even shocked by the news, the emperor is concerned about the situation and intends to change it. “It’s a monumental contempt for the country and the people they claim to represent. Be ready!”, warns.

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