Unimed Insurance expands Technological Intelligence projects | SEGS

Innovation and IT continue to play a leading role in the company’s strategic guideline.

“Improving Seguros Unimed’s technological tools, increasing the connectivity and fluidity of all processes”. With this objective, which unfolds into different challenges, Wilson Leal recently assumed the position of Technology and Innovation at Seguradora do Sistema Unimed. The company, which has been investing heavily in building more efficient bases for years and has rapidly renewed its technological reality with the onset of the pandemic, is preparing for a new leap in this area: enabling its entire structure to support the growth fronts that the company has outlined for the next few years.

“This means further increasing our levels of connectivity, continuing with the digital transformation consistently, and building more direct paths to the entire trail of information, processes and flows of the Company. Activities that are still fragmented will be compressed into a single structure, bringing agility of response and efficiency to the operation”, explains Leal.

According to him, Seguros Unimed paved the way for bolder changes and the moment has arrived. With approximately R$ 100 million in IT investments in the last three years, R$ 39 million of which in 2020 alone, the Insurer focuses its efforts on creating synergistic systems that allow for cost reduction, elimination of duplicated processes, and greater speed of response with the different stakeholders and establish a transformation that positively impacts the business result.

The work carried out already points to important improvements. The Digital+ project, created a little over two years ago, allowed the insurance company to save R$14 million with the digitization of processes and 7.6 million unprinted pages. A network of systems continues to be renewed, with a strong focus on innovation, process improvement and cybersecurity, improving the integrity, traceability and security of all company data.

“Innovation and technology are constant axes of attention and investment and at Seguros Unimed it would be no different. We are committed to creating the best conditions for connectivity with customers, who now have the Super APP for different accesses and consultations of all services and We have a strong challenge to promote coordinated actions that quickly establish even smarter structures for our sales force, without interrupting or inhibiting any improvement that has already been achieved”, emphasizes Leal.

About Unimed Insurance

Seguros Unimed is the insurance group and financial arm of the Unimed medical cooperative system, present in 84% of the national territory. With a trajectory of 31 years in the market, the Company serves 6 million policyholders in the Health, Dentistry, Life, Pension (open and closed) and Elementary Branches (with property and medical liability insurance) segments. Since 2019, it has also operated in the management of financial resources for the cooperative system, with the creation of InvestCoopAsset Management. The group has more than 1,400 employees at its Headquarters and Relationship Center, in addition to 22 other regional offices across the country.