Unintentionally, Cartolano shows his butt live on SBT

The presenter of “Vem pra Cá”, Gabriel Cartolano, became a topic on social networks this Sunday afternoon (5), when he participated in the “Passa ou Repass” section of Domingo Legal. That’s because, the SBT communicator he ended up leaving his butt showing by fulfilling one of the challenges of Celso Portiolli’s game show.

On social networks, Internet users reacted: “Andu will die! Cartolano’s safe appeared!”, an Internet user was surprised. “Socorrooo B*nda do Cartolano appeared all #passaourepassa”said another. “Cartolono’s piggy bank KKKKKKKKKKKKK”, enjoyed another Internet user on her Twitter profile.

In the program shown this Sunday, the presenters of the celebrity news program “Gossipizing” faced the presenter Danilo Gentili, and the members of the series the “Exterminators of the Beyond”. The SBT frame with fun disputes that always excite viewers, had the traditional pies in the face.

And this is not the first time that the channel’s communicator and Silvio Santos has become a topic on social media. Recently, Patrícia Abravanel’s co-worker ended up being highly criticized by some internet users after participating in a panel of the Eliana Program.

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The presenter of “Vem pra Cá” Gabriel Cartolano was criticized on social networks after his participation in the picture “Minha Mulher que Manda” of the Eliana Program, shown last August 15, on SBT. Many netizens criticized the journalist for being rude to his girlfriend, lawyer Marina Greeb in the frame.

If I were Cartolano’s girlfriend in Eliana’s painting “My wife in charge” I would have already told him to go ar*rda. Hey thick man”, said internet user Priscila Orlando on her Twitter profile. “Our! Super thick top hat with girlfriend Marina at MMQM. Just the good guy face…”, said another profile by the same social network.

Eliana, of all the participants in “my wife is the boss”, Cartolano is the most ogre and annoying of all, if that’s how it is in a competition, imagine how it is not in everyday life!”, Dvailson also pointed out on Twitter. “Cartolano is the prince turned toad. 5 minutes watching and I already want to hit him in the face due to ignorance”, blasted Renata Pereira through the same social network.

The painting “My Woman Who Orders” consists of a competition between couples, where the husband without much skill in the kitchen, is led by his wife in the culinary competition. Participating in this Sunday’s episode (15) were former fighter Popó and his wife Emilene, humorist Mauricio Meirelles and his wife Emily, and presenter Gabriel Cartolano with his girlfriend Marina.

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