‘Unloved and Envious People’ · TV News

At 58 years old and on TV since the 1980s, Xuxa Meneghel frequently receives comments on her social networks in which she is called “old” or “finished”. The presenter opened the game on what she thinks of internet haters: for her, they are envious and unloved people.

In a special Fantástico report about people who distill hatred on the internet, the eternal queen of the short ones gave an interview to Renata Capucci and talked about how haters appear as soon as she publishes a new photo on Instagram.

“In a matter of seconds they start to get stuck, they know that this will draw more attention than saying ‘I love you’, ‘I adore you'”, said Xuxa, who was asked by the journalist about what she thought. it caused the followers to distil poison. “Envy first. Then I think they are unloved people,” he summed up.

“These people don’t have love in their hearts, these people don’t know the word ‘respect’. [para elas]: ‘Go take care of your life. Go wash some clothes, go clean a floor. Go out into the street, take care of a dog, a cat. Go look at the sky'”, the presenter needled.

To distill all the hate that exists in their little bodies, this can only happen if these people take the courage to take care of their lives rather than others. Because you have to be brave, right? It’s much easier for her to take care of other people’s lives than her own.

Gretchen, another character in the article, said that she answers haters and exposes the comments she receives in her profile Stories. Her attitude, however, was rejected by the expert heard by Fantastic, who said that the best way to deal with a hater is to ignore him.

Xuxa is from the team that does not engage with those who sow hatred. But he admitted that it’s hard to hold back. “I get itchy sometimes to not get into the person’s level. Because if I get into the person’s level, that’s what they want. And it’s pretty nasty, because that really is a war.”