Upon completion, MC Poze is seen once again at night out with women

MC Poze is enjoying singleness like never before! Since their separation, the funkeiro has spent his nights drinking and having fun with friends and beautiful models. Despite not sharing the event records with her followers, one of the young women present made a point of sharing a moment of the two embraced on Instagram.

The model in question is Ester Ana who, following stories, appeared alongside four other women and recorded the look chosen for the ballad. Ester Ana also marked the location of the event, held at Mansão Santa Teresa, in the central area of ​​Rio de Janeiro. Followers came to the singer’s defense, claiming that the girl was just a friend.


Hours before, Poze also performed at 021 Fest, a live house in the north of Rio, and showed the after in Stories alongside his friends. The singer also showed that he is the enemy of the end and, this Sunday morning (09/05) he showed that he was having breakfast with friends, loud music and more alcohol. In the caption, he reinforced: “Stay another day awake, keep the troops”.