Value of the fee of the participants of the Show dos Famosos with Luciano Huck impresses

Luciano Huck will present on the first Sunday with Huck the participants of the fourth season of the Show of the Famous, which will be on air until December on the plim plim network.

Among the competitors in this edition are: Margareth Menezes, Thiago Arancam, Victor Kley, Robson Nunes, fiuk, Gloria Groove, Mariana Rios, Wanessa Camargo and Diego Hypólito. The panel that will judge the talents of the Show of the Famous 2021 will be composed of Claudia Raia, cute and Black Gil.

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The artists of the new season of Show of the Famous will honor: Xanddy of Harmonia do Samba (Gloria Groove); Amy Winehouse (Fiuk) and Little Beija-Flor Neguinho (Margareth Menezes).

Participants of the 2021 Show of the Famous (Globo/Disclosure)

Due to this information, a curiosity hangs in the air: How much does an artist earn to participate in the project that was idealized by Fausto Silva?

To unlock this secret, the column went after this information and found that each participant earns around ten thousand reais a month for six months of the Almighty. In addition to the fee, the artist who does not have a contract with Globo enjoys all the benefits of the company. Outside the exhibition on national television.