VIDEO: Attendant jumps in front of car to try to stop theft; thief died hours later after crashing vehicle, says PM | North and Northwest

A surveillance camera captured the moment when an attendant at a gas station in Cambé, in northern Paraná, jumped in front of a car to try to prevent the theft of the vehicle, in the early hours of Sunday (5). Watch above.

The Military Police (PM) reported that the thief died hours later when he hit the stolen car in a street in Londrina, also in the north of the state.

The images show a man driving his car into reverse in the courtyard of the gas station. Then, the attendant runs and jumps on the hood of the vehicle, which was in motion.

The thief managed to escape and scraped the side of the car on a low wall at the gas station. In the video, it is possible to see that the man left on the opposite side of the PR-445 sidewalk.

Witnesses said the car belongs to the attendant’s father. The worker used the vehicle to go to the service. Despite having jumped to try to avoid the theft, the attendant is doing well and was not hurt.

Attendant jumped on the hood of the car to prevent theft — Photo: Security camera

Even at dawn on Sunday, the PM said that she was called to attend to an accident on Rua Porto Alegre, which is in the center of Londrina.

Upon arriving at the scene, the police noticed the car that was stolen at the gas station hit a pole. The driver of the vehicle failed to resist injuries and died on the spot.

Driver crashed car against pole — Photo: PM

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