Video: Young man jumps ten meters high to flee from sex traffickers | World and Science

Young man jumped out of window to run away from sex traffickers in Turkeyvideo playback

Posted 05/09/2021 17:42 | Updated 09/05/2021 5:59 PM

A 19-year-old girl was seriously injured after jumping from a building window to escape sex traffickers who “tortured” her, she told a team of paramedics who rescued her. The woman threw herself from a height of approximately 10 meters. The case took place last Thursday, 2, in Antalya, Turkey.

A video that circulates on the internet shows the young woman hanging from the window, while asking for help. People passing by the place tried to convince her to return to the apartment, but they couldn’t. Soon after, she jumped and, before reaching the ground, hit a car that was parked. (Beware, images are strong).

According to the British newspaper the sun, the police are investigating the case. The kidnappers, who, according to the young woman, were of Iranian origin, were not located.