Volkswagen introduces the ID.5, its first all-electric SUV-coupe – 06/09/2021

Volkswagen today introduced the ID.5, its first all-electric SUV-coupe. The highly anticipated third model in the ID family makes its official debut at the International Motor Show, the IAA, in Germany. UOL Cars is present at the largest fair in the sector, which this year moved from Frankfurt to Munich.

The ID.5 is a sportier looking alternative to the more conventional form factor of the ID.4 sport utility vehicle. In other words, it’s a combination of the strong lines of an SUV body with the elegant features typical of coupes, including the sharper trim of the rear column and a small integrated spoiler.

Concept car in name only, the ID.5 unveiled in Munich is practically a production version in disguise. After all, pre-production has already started and the SUV-coupe uses the same modular electrics manufacturer (MEB) platform as the ID.4 and the compact ID.3.

VW first introduces the ID.5 GTX, the hottest option, with all-wheel drive, dual engine and 77 kWh battery. One propeller on the rear and one on the front provide a combined power of up to 220 kW (or 299 hp), with the promise of high performance, greater grip and a sporty feel. The GTX surname marks the high-performance configurations of the brand’s electrics, as the traditional GTIs have always done in combustion models.

According to the manufacturer’s tests, a full charge guarantees a range of up to 540 km on the ID.5 and up to 497 km on the ID.5 GTX, in units equipped with the highest capacity battery. The ID.5 will also be offered with 109, 125 and 150 kW rear-only engines, and a 52 kWh battery, as is the case with the ID.4 and ID.4 GTX. The ID.5 is, in a sense, the Volkswagen version of the Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron, which has similar engine and battery combinations.


The ID.5 will arrive at European dealerships early next year. The Old Continent, where the model is manufactured, is the priority. It is key for VW to reach the announced goal of electric models representing 70% of its sales in Europe by 2030.

Volkswagen neither confirms nor discards the possibility of selling the ID.5 in Brazil. Europe, China and the US, where there is more charging infrastructure and higher sales volume, tend to receive a variety of electric models. Within its planning for Latin America, which foresees six models between electric and hybrid, two are already known.

The Golf GTE hybrid plug-in arrived in the Brazilian market still in 2019 and recently the e-up! was presented in Uruguay. The electric version of the compact up! it is the first 100% electric model of the brand in the region. In a Brazil with SUV sales always on the rise, the ID.5 would make sense as the next product. It remains to be seen whether the account closes in such a way as to make sense of the price as well, which is difficult to say the least in the current situation in the country.

In total, the Volkswagen Group will invest 73 billion euros worldwide in future technologies, which includes the launch of approximately 70 all-electric vehicles and 60 hybrid models, also by 2030. The group also has an ambitious goal of zero carbon emissions across its product portfolio and across the entire operating chain by 2050.

Strong and elegant: the design of the ID.5 GTX

Fluid lines convey elegance and sportiness while short overhangs and large wheels highlight the strong character of the ID.5. At the high front, the IQ.Light LED array headlamps have intelligent control and complete an attractive look.

The strip of light that stretches towards the Volkswagen logo has been combined with three beehive-shaped elements, which are illuminated on the driver and passenger side and complement the low beam signature.

The ceiling line has a particularly elegant flow. From the slightly sloping front columns just ahead, it extends over the body and tapers to an integrated rear spoiler. Horizontal lines at the back accentuate the width, with the striking light strip part of the ID line’s identity.

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