What is the punishment for those who lie on an Anvisa form, as Argentines? – 09/06/2021

The uproar caused at five minutes between Brazil and Argentina was easy to avoid. According to Anvisa (Agency for Sanitary Surveillance), Argentine players Emiliano Martínez and Buendía, who play for Aston Villa, and Cristian Romero and Giovanni Lo Celso, who play for Tottenham, all from England, could have asked for an exception to enter Brazil . But they didn’t. Instead, they provided false information when they arrived in the country. According to Anvisa, they did not declare that they were in England for less than 14 days, which would force them to do a 14-day quarantine before entering Brazil.

The punishment for someone caught lying, as the Argentines were, depends on how well the foreign visitor who broke the rule is doing. If you are infected with covid-19, for example, you will be taken to a hospital. In the event that the visitor needs to stay in Brazil, a 14-day forced quarantine may be imposed on him, which can happen in a hotel, for example. He may also be taken to the airport to be deported. In addition to all this, there is the possibility of a fine of R$2,000.

In the early afternoon of Sunday (5), before the confusion that ended up suspending the derby between Brazil and Argentina, Anvisa even issued a statement in which it pointed out “serious health risk, and therefore directed the local health authorities to determine the immediate quarantine of players, who are prevented from participating in any activity and must be prevented from remaining in Brazilian territory”.

The travelers arrived in Brazil by flight from Caracas/Venezuela to Guarulhos. However, unofficial news reached the agency denouncing alleged false statements made by such travelers.

The CBF interceded with the Federal Government in support of Conmebol and the AFA and was talking about an agreement with the authorities, so much so that the Argentines appointed three of the four who came from England less than 14 days ago as starters: goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez, defender Romero and defensive midfielder Lo Celso. This agreement has not yet been confirmed by official government sources.

Now it remains to be seen what FIFA, the highest authority in the Qualifiers, will decide whether it will be a WO and for whom the match points will go, or whether the game will be rescheduled.