When the final part of season 5 arrives and what to expect

The first part of the outcome that La Casa de Papel debuted recently on Netflix, and left fans shocked with surprising moments. Anyone who has marathoned the 5 episodes available on the platform wants to know: when will the final production premiere? Fortunately, fans will have to wait just 3 months for the release of the second part, scheduled for December 3rd.

One of the most surprising moments in the first part of the final season of La Casa de Papel was Tokyo’s death. The farewell of the narrator of the series dominated the affairs of social networks, and left the fans revolted.

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In season 5 of La Casa de Papel, Úrsula Corberó’s character says goodbye in a heroic sacrifice. After being shot, the narrator detonates all the bombs that were in her vest, dying and taking Gandia with her.

While the new episodes of La Casa de Papel do not premiere, know everything about what to expect from the future of the series.

The end of La Casa de Papel – What to expect?

As fans who have watched the first part of season 5 of La Casa de Papel already know, the final stretch of the series is marked by electrifying battles and moments of great emotion – with the army ready to attack and the Professor held hostage by Alicia.

“In Part 2, we’re going to focus more on the characters’ emotional situation. It will be a journey in the sentimental map that connects these figures”, said creator Alex Pina about the series’ outcome.

The first part of the season involves big revelations, betrayals, dramatic flashbacks and plot twists that fascinated fans.

The worst part, of course, is Tokyo’s death. In the fifth episode, the narrator of La Casa de Papel reflects on her past, on the moment she met the Professor. Then, in the next part, the protagonist and the team will have to deal with the emotional shock of this important loss.

Something that will also be defined is a possible consensus between Alicia and the Professor. It remains to be seen whether the Inspector will hand over the character of Álvaro Morte to the police, especially after his critical help in the birth of the antagonist’s baby.

Fans also want to know if Arturo Román, one of the series’ most detested characters, will survive the denouement. Monica has shot the villain to save everyone, which suggests that the hated antagonist will finally confront his ultimate fate.

Furthermore, Berlin and her son Rafael should better address the paternal relationship in flashbacks.

Even with the end of the plot of La Casa de Papel getting closer and closer, everything indicates that the universe of Alex Pina’s production will still have several novelties soon.

A South Korean remake had already been announced, and the series creator admits the possibility of releasing more productions set in this universe in the near future.

“We are analyzing several possibilities for derivatives. We can do this thanks to the powerful identities and characterizations of our characters. We have always sought to create complex, three-dimensional characters. I think that almost all the characters in La Casa de Papel have a certain duality, which we would love to see in a derivative”, commented the producer.

The final episodes of La Casa de Papel premiere on Netflix on December 3rd.