Where did Grêmio go wrong in starting this never-ending crisis?

Grêmio has been trying to enter a renewal cycle after a victorious period. The first signs of wear of the players and the coaching staff, which won everything for the team, came in 2019.

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The victories over Inter ended up throwing the dirt under the rug. Thus, Grêmio took its last seasons without being able to win relevant titles. But, raising a great hegemony over the rival.

However, after several mistakes, the fall in pre-Libertadores made this cycle of Renato Portaluppi in Grêmio come to an end. Many thought that this change would be enough for the tricolor to gain new air.

However, whoever thought this, is completely wrong. In fact, Renato had been holding a sand castle, and when he, which was the structure, was removed, the castle collapsed.

In the beginning, positive results even appeared. Tiago Nunes had a good undefeated streak and managed to conquer Gauchão. However, the combination of Gauchão with a weak group from Sudamericana, made Grêmio think that everything was right. But, it was a big mistake.

Where did Grêmio go wrong in starting this never-ending crisis?

Tiago Nunes was perhaps not the right man to lead a restructuring of Grêmio. A bad start from Brasileirão combined with an outbreak of Covid-19, threw the tricolor from Rio Grande do Sul in the relegation zone.

Without achieving results, Tiago Nunes was fired, and Felipão was brought in as the great savior. The coach arrived well, achieving good results. But, the initial fire soon went out and the stumbling returned.

Then the management realized that they needed to reinforce the team, they brought in Campaz, Villasanti and Borja. Whether these signings linked to Felipão’s experiences will be able to prevent Grêmio from being relegated, we will only know in the future.

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Image: Lucas Uebel/Grêmio FBPA