who should win the $250,000 prize?

Next Thursday, September 9, the public will meet the winners of Ilha Record. Two contestants will take home cash prizes, and one of them will be chosen by viewers. Who is deserving of the award? Leave your opinion in the comments of the Ilha Record poll.

Record Island Poll


How will the final be?

The live final of Ilha Record will be on September 9th, at 22:45, Brasília time. The reality show will crown two winners.

The first will take the prize of R$500 thousand. The two finalists will need to open chests during a treasure hunt. Whoever scores the most points in the contest will be the winner.

The players who made it to the final have yet to be officially revealed, but their names have already leaked onto the web. Hypnologist Pyong Lee and digital influencer Any Borges are the finalists of Ilha Record, according to information given by columnist Fábia Oliveira, from the newspaper O Dia.

The second winner will be decided by public vote. A vote will be opened on R7 so ​​that the audience can choose which participant among the 13 famous should take the R$250 thousand prize.

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Ilha Record Cast – Photo: Disclosure/Record

Who was eliminated in the last challenge?

The last eliminated from Ilha Record was Mirella Santos. The sealing twin took the worst of the latest survival challenge against Laura Keller and joined Antonella, Lucas Selfie and Thomaz Costa in exile.

The race of the week was developed to test the luck of the players. They had to complete the word “Survivor” and victory was defined by the last participant to choose the correct number with the letter.

Mirella ended up in the hot seat after an error in strategy at the time of the vote by Any Borges. As soon as she realized she had counted the votes wrongly, the influencer burst into tears. The error left the exile explorers indignant.