With “English” in the delegation, Argentina leaves stadium after more than two hours in locker room | qualifiers – south america

After more than two hours in the changing rooms of Neo Química Arena, the Argentine delegation left the stadium towards the airport, after the team played only the first minutes of the match against Brazil, this Sunday, for the qualifiers for the World Cup in 2022. The Brazilian delegation left the stadium about half an hour before.

Agents from Anvisa and the Federal Police entered the field to remove four players from Argentina during the first half of the match.

Federal Police authorities and health surveillance agents enter the field to paralyze the match

Federal Police authorities and health surveillance agents enter the field to paralyze the match

Players who could not have taken the field are: goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez, midfielder Emiliano Buendia and Giovani Lo Celso and defender Cristian Romero. The four act in England and were threatened by Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) of deportation for failing to comply with sanitary protocols, but even so they went on to the game.

+ Scaloni: “Nobody notified that they couldn’t play”

Coach Lionel Scaloni and AFA president Claudio Tapia spoke for the delegation and regretted the suspension of the game against Brazil.

Delegation from Argentina leaves Neo Química Arena — Photo: Bruno Giufrida

– I get very sad and I don’t look for anyone to blame. If something happened or not, it was not the time to make this intervention – said Scaloni.

The four “English” players were heard by the Federal Police, were not deported and had no informed destination: they are going back to England or following with the delegation for the game against Bolivia, next Thursday, at the Monumental de Nuñez. The group boarded back to Argentina at the end of the night and was accompanied on the spot by the Argentine ambassador to Brazil, Daniel Scioli.

Argentine Ambassador to Brazil and Messi at airport — Photo: Reproduction

The ball was rolling and the game was stopped with six minutes into the game. Then, all players from Argentina left and went to the locker room at the Neo Química Arena.

The Covid-19 protocol was accepted by all countries that participate in Conmebol competitions – such as Libertadores, Sudamericana and, of course, Qualifiers.

Messi greets Tite in Brazil x Argentina — Photo: Marcos Ribolli

Ordinance No. 655, of June 23, 2021, establishes rules for the entry of foreigners into Brazil during the Covid-19 pandemic, and reads as follows:

§ 7 The traveler who complies with the provisions of art. 3, with origin or history of passage through the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Republic of South Africa and the Republic of India in the last fourteen days, upon entering Brazilian territory, must remain in quarantine for fourteen days.