With so much disrespect for sanitation, the clowning in Itaquera was just another one – 05/09/2021 – Juca Kfouri

Now, what are four players who disrespected Anvisa’s quarantine to enter Brazil when it is said that the Mu variant entered the country by the Colombians who came to Cova América?

Or when the British health authorities blame the European Cup final for the new spread of the pandemic in London, or that Tokyo is on alert for the growing infection because of the Olympics?

With so many authorizations for the show to continue, CBF, AFA, Conmebol and FIFA decided not to take the legislation in force in Brazil seriously.

The Argentines had made a deal with the Premier League to comply with English protocols by returning their four players before playing the third game of the qualifiers this September. They forgot to agree with the Brazilians.

AFA, as is known, is CBF’s twin sister, only separated at birth and Spanish-speaking. And he can only have thought that no one would paralyze a game of such importance just because he lied about the situation of those who illegally entered to play in Itaquera.

The clown takes on planetary airs for involving two teams that add up to seven world titles, which put Neymar and Messi, who traditionally have players of the best on Earth, but whose top hats are the worst, face to face.

But couldn’t Anvisa have acted sooner? Of course it could!


If it didn’t work with their feet, with their hands the defeat in the dispute for Olympic bronze in men’s volleyball received payback in style and the Brazilian team defeated Argentina by a categorical 3-1 to win the South American championship for the 33rd time and keep it hegemony on the continent, as it never failed to win the tournament.

Three sets won by 25/17, 25/18 and 25/18, one, the second, lost hard by 24/26, clearly reveal that the defeat in Japan was one of those accidents on the way, probably caused by the defeat to the Russia that prevented the dispute for gold.

Santos illusion

In 13th place at the moment after completing their 19 games in the first round of the Brazilian Championship, Santos’ situation is illusory for being more uncomfortable than it appears, because it can be surpassed by Juventude, São Paulo and Grêmio when they complete the same 19 matches.

A member of the trio who never fell, alongside Flamengo and São Paulo, the risk of relegation exists and cannot be minimized, because the 13th place could be, in fact, the 16th, the last before the takedown zone.

Victim of previous criminal administrations, Santos has little room for reaction and the heaviest shirt among those currently under threat — not just for the bi-championship of the world and continental tri-continent, but because of the one worn by King Pelé for 18 unforgettable years.

It is true that Santos has already lived through similar situations and escaped, as is true the ability of Santos to surprise.

Nothing to underestimate the ongoing risk. Everything that requires playing realistically, within your limits and safely.

Those white shirts must be defended with the vigor and category of the captain of the bi-championship world championship Mauro Ramos de Oliveira, of the Argentine José Ramos Delgado, and by all the branches that woven the endless family tree of world football.

In the second round every Sunday will be Palm Sunday, to keep alive the legend of the God of football.

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