Xuxa and Gretchen talk about the hate messages they receive

A report by “Fantástico” (TV Globo) showed some of the hate messages that celebrities like Xuxa, Gretchen, Cleo, Luísa Sonza and others receive on their social networks — and how they deal with the attacks.

“Before, on television, in the 80’s, I had to write I don’t know how many little letters, I had to throw them up, pick them up, open the letter and have the possibility of reading. Not now, everything is much easier”, comments Xuxa , who revealed receiving many messages calling her “old” and “finished”.

It’s impressive. In a matter of seconds, they start to get stuck, they know that this will draw more attention than saying ‘I love you, I adore you’.

For the 58-year-old presenter, anyone who leaves this kind of comment is jealous of her. “I think they are unloved people.”

“These people don’t have love in the heart, they don’t know the word respect, so I would say ‘go take care of your life, go do some laundry’. IT’S a lot more easy take care of other people’s lives than hers. Me I keep itching not to enter the level of these people, because that’s what they want and it becomes a war,” he confesses.

Like Xuxa, Gretchen also receives attacks because of her age.

“Where I show my body, a photo of shorts, bikini, that shows my face, my mouth, if I post, it’s fatal”, says the eternal Rainha do Rebolado, who during the report published a photo to time the time that takes until you receive an offense: 5 minutes.

But unlike Xuxa, she says she adopted the strategy of publicly exposing the hater taking a screenshot of the comment and replying in their Stories.

As I’m old as they say, I’m already without a filter, I can say everything.