Young man jumps out of window to escape sex traffickers in Turkey; see video

A 19-year-old girl was forced to jump from a building’s first floor window to escape sex traffickers who “tortured” her. The young woman was seriously injured after the escape, which took place in the city of Antalya, Turkey, last Thursday (2).

In the images that have traveled the world, the woman identified as Sirin NE throws herself from 10 meters high. In the video, she is seen hanging from the window, calling for help.

Without understanding the danger that the young woman was in, people in the street tried to convince the young woman to go back inside the apartment.

Desperate, she saw no alternative but to jump. Before hitting the ground, she even skidded into a parked car. Watch (strong images):

Police are investigating the case, according to “Sun”. The kidnappers, who, according to the young woman, were of Iranian origin, were not located.