Zambelli reveals how the testimony given today at the Federal Police was (see video)

Deputy Carla Zambelli was summoned to appear this Sunday (5) to testify at the Federal Police.

The decision came from minister Alexandre de Moraes.

The testimony has already been closed and in a video posted on YouTube, the parliamentarian explained how it happened.

The PF strangely did not clarify under what conditions the deputy was being heard.

They insistently questioned whether Zambelli was linked to acts of dismissal of ministers of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and his relations with people who have already been arrested, including truck driver Zé Trovão, with an expedited and unfulfilled arrest warrant.

The PF also wanted to know if Zambelli ever defended and financed undemocratic acts.

Bravely, she answered all the questions and spoke about the risks that our freedoms have been taking in recent times. In this sense, he especially cited the attitudes of minister Alexandre de Moraes.

See the video:

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