10 plants and foods to increase libido

The concept of healthy living is characterized by complete physical, mental and emotional well-being — and sex is part of that package. In addition to being an important source of individual pleasure and connection with the partner, sexual intercourse contributes to improve mood, relieve stress and pain, help with cardiovascular health and even contribute to those who want to lose weight and display a lush skin.

This Monday (6/9), when Sex Day is celebrated, check out a selection of natural species and foods to recover your libido and raise the benefits of your moment of pleasure to the tenth power.


Keeping an eye on the diet

According to nutritionist Thais Souza, a specialist at BioMundo, the composition of the menu also influences sexual appetite. Investing in foods that contribute to blood circulation and hormone production and regulation are a great choice for those who want to “spice up” the hour.

“It is worth emphasizing the importance of maintaining a balanced eating routine and regular physical activity, which positively affects sexual desire”, comments the professional.

Check out the list of foods to increase pleasure, whether alone or in good company.

Ginger is an anticoagulant root, which stimulates blood circulation, favoring hormone production, in addition to increasing body temperature. Green tea, in turn, has anti-inflammatory properties and, along with ginger, can work miracles for sexual desire.

Chocolate consumption, preferably without added sugar, is related to improving mood, increasing serotonin levels, relaxing blood vessels and increasing blood flow. The combination is perfect to boost your performance under the sheets.

A great source of energy, natural peanuts are a source of fat and have vitamin E, which helps in the production of sex hormones. For men, in addition to increasing sexual interest, food also stimulates sperm production.

Oats are a great wild card for good nutrition. It has numerous benefits such as blood sugar control, improved digestion and blood pressure control. In addition, it balances hormone levels, helping to increase sexual performance.

Herbal Power

More than a good diet, medicinal plants can give a “helping hand” to increase libido. Women even tend to feel more lack of sexual appetite. Especially after the age of 30, there is a tendency for the female body to have a gradual decline in the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for desire.

To make up for the loss, plant extracts are incredible (and safe) testosterone boosters, according to pharmaceutical company Aiessa Balest, a consultant at Farmacotécnica. THE terrestrial tribulus, for example, it is a medicinal plant consecrated for this purpose.

“Studies show that when administered to healthy men aged 28 to 45 years, there is a 41% increase in testosterone levels. In addition to the increase in the hormone, there is an increase in libido, frequency and strength of erections and recovery of sexual activity”, exemplifies the specialist.

In women, natural compounds also decrease symptoms of sexual frigidity, increase desire and reduce symptoms of menopause. If you’ve been convinced, take note of six medicinal plants that can increase your sexual appetite naturally:

  • Peruvian Maca: The herb is considered an aphrodisiac for considerably increasing testosterone levels;
  • Mucuna Pruriens: Known for millennia to increase sexual function and libido, it promotes fertility by increasing male sperm count and testosterone levels, in addition to regulating ovulation cycles in women;
  • Greek hay, originating in Asian countries, has been used for centuries as an alternative for the treatment of andropause, menopause, weight reduction and for the ability to increase physical and sexual performance;
  • Long Jack: it promotes the improvement of virility and reduces the time of hesitation for the sexual act, besides being responsible for improving semen quality and increasing serum testosterone levels;
  • Cistanche: the tuber, which concentrates the highest levels of Echinacosides (ECH) in nature, has been used to treat female lack of libido and male sexual impotence, as it is considered a hormonal adaptogen. It modulates hormones, increases sperm count and motility, increases strength and endurance in exercise, and improves memorization and cognition.

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