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Bresco Logistics, Count
Top: Bresco Logística is analysts’ favorite real estate fund in September (Image: Reproduction/Bresco Logística FII)

Considered a type of investment in fixed income, since a large part of their remuneration is linked to long-term rental contracts, the real estate funds face heavy competition from applications linked to the basic interest rate, the famous Selic.

With the market convinced that, at the end of this month, the Cupm (Monetary Policy Committee) of the Central Bank will raise interest rates again, it is increasingly difficult to find real estate funds that stand out.

That doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Money Times consulted 14 recommended portfolios of real estate funds for September in search of the most suitable, and the result is what you see below.

The 3 most recommended funds in September

The 14 portfolios cover 52 funds, with a total of 105 recommendations. From this sample, 28 funds received only one mention, while the three favorites gathered 17 citations. In the extended sample, with the 16 preferred roles, the concentration reaches 61 mentions.

Check out the 16 analysts’ favorite real estate funds for September.

Participants in this month’s survey: Ativa, BB Investimentos, Empiricus, Genial, Guide, Inversa, Itaú BBA, Mirae, MyCap, Necton, Nova Futura, Santander, Terra and XP Investimentos.


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