8 out of 10 consumers do not intend to buy on Black Friday this year, says Reclame Aqui – 05/09/2021 – Panel SA

Nearly half (49%) of the 23,600 consumers surveyed by Reclame Aqui in August said they considered Black Friday a “black fraud”.

Another 27% affirm that, for them, there is no date in Brazil. Only 7% think it is a good time to buy and 6.3% say the event has improved in recent years.

Eight out of ten of these consumers have no intention of buying anything at the promotions event, which takes place in November.

Edu Neves, president of Reclame Aqui, says that the result is influenced by the pandemic and by the advance of prices in this year of high inflation. “This increases the consumer’s traditional distrust that he will not find big discounts,” he says.

With Mariana Grazini, Andressa Motter and Filipe Oliveira

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