Absence of the squad opens space for young people in training at Flamengo; meet the new faces!

With the matches postponed due to the South American qualifiers, Flamengo’s squad ended the first of two weeks without games this Sunday. With the absence of the “selectables”, space was opened up in the activities at Ninho do Urubu for some youths from the base divisions – a practice that is already common at the club and which is part of the boys’ development. See in the gallery above and at the end of the article the players who are completing the training under the command of Renato Gaúcho!

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After the group’s re-presentation this Monday, when Bruno Henrique went to the field and did light exercises, Flamengo returned to work at Ninho do Urubu on Tuesday aiming at the match against Palmeiras. For the first round of the Brasileirão return, the teams face off on Sunday, in São Paulo.

See the young people who participated in the activity:

Marcos Paul, 18 years old, trained this week with the group
Daniel Cabral, also trained at Ninho, was in the activity
– the attackers João Pedro, 18 years old, and Andrew, 19, also participated in the activity of the main team of Flamengo no Ninho
– the defender Diego has been through the youth team and is 18 years old.
– The steering wheel Lucas André, 17 years old, came from Sport to Flamengo base
Gabriel Barros, 19-year-old forward, has already made his professional debut
Yuri, 20-year-old midfielder, has also played in the first team
Matthew Lima is 17 years old and forward
luan arrived from Atlético-GO. The right-back is 20 years old
– the attacker Andrew, 19, already has a contract with a fine of 50 million euros with Flamengo