After Rafael Ilha, alleged boyfriend questions cause of death of Gugu Liberato · TV News

After Rafael Ilha raised suspicion about the cause of Gugu Liberato’s death (1959-2019), Thiago Salvático spoke about the issue on social media. The alleged boyfriend of the communicator said the same as the former Thumb on the version given that the veteran suffered a fall while trying to make repairs to machinery in the attic of his home, in Orlando, in the United States. “He would never go up to fix air conditioning,” said the chef, on Monday (6).

The controversy over Liberato’s death stemmed from statements by Ilha. A week ago, the singer gave an interview to Inteligência Ltda. channel, on YouTube, and questioned the official information about the death of the presenter, who was his manager in the days of Polegar in the 1980s.

“I miss him so much. [A morte] It was something no one expected. I was recording Family Exchange when it happened [a notícia da morte] and I didn’t believe it. I still don’t believe it today. Sincerely. I was washing up at the time and I heard William Bonner speak on Jornal Nacional,” he recalled.

“I’ve been following the fall business for two days and I don’t believe it. I know what happened. I know what really happened, and that wasn’t it. That’s not what happened. Hopefully one day people can have the opportunity to know what happened. that actually happened. But that wasn’t it,” he reiterated.

How did Gugu die?

Official information about Liberato’s death is that he suffered a domestic accident on November 20, in Orlando, USA, where he lived. He suffered a fall of about four meters while making a repair to the air conditioning in his attic home.

Shortly after the accident, he was admitted to Orlando Health Medical Center, and initial tests found intracranial bleeding. Due to neurological severity, no surgical procedure was indicated. During the observation period, the absence of brain activity was observed. The death was confirmed on November 22nd.

Thiago Salvático: commentary on the cause of Gugu’s death (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

According to the artist, Liberato was not in the habit of taking care of domestic details. So he says he doesn’t believe the story that the communicator crashed while fixing something himself. “When Gugu would arrive and say: ‘Am I going to change this lamp?’ [sentido]. He never did that. He doesn’t know how to change a light bulb. This did not happened. I know what happened,” he reiterated.

“I don’t know why they gave this version. I think they could have told the truth. That’s all I think. It was a fatality anyway. I don’t think it’s fair. I went there to his funeral, said goodbye and talked to the family. Never mind. . He’s in a good place now. He’s looking down on him, and that’s what matters.

Salvático x Gugu family

With the repercussions of the interview, Salvático also gave his opinion on the subject on social networks – he left his comment on Hugo Gloss’ Instagram page. For him, “Gugu would never go upstairs to fix air conditioning.”

Until June 2020, the cook was fighting a dispute in court to receive part of the inheritance that Liberato left. He claimed to have lived with the presenter. However, after great repercussion of the subject, he gave up fighting for the money.

In the initial process in which he asked for recognition of a common-law marriage, he claimed to have dated the communicator for almost eight years. They met at the end of 2011 and only in the following year did they start to bond.

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