After separation, Caio Castro is caught with an alleged affair

Just over a week after confirming the end of his two-year relationship with actress Grazi Massafera, actor Caio Castro was caught in the company of a supposed new affair. According to information from journalist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, Caio enjoyed a ballad last Sunday night (5), in the city of Capitólio, in Minas Gerais, in the company of a blonde.

Also according to information from the columnist, Caio Castro left the event in the morning in the company of the blonde. Images released exclusively by the columnist, show Caio Castro leaving the Café de La Musique nightclub in the company of the girl. It is worth mentioning that the artist had already circulated without an alliance among his friends for a while.

Recently separated from Grazi Massafera, Caio Castro took advantage of the extended holiday to hang out with friends in Escarpas do Lago, Capitólio, Minas Gerais. According to sources for the columnist at Metrópoles, despite remaining discreet in the area, the actor already demonstrates that he has overcome the end of his two-year relationship with Massafera.

Grazi Massafera and Caio Castro have been together since 2019, and officially ended the relationship on the 27th of August. According to information from the columnist of Metrópoles, the list had already been presented since the beginning of the year. During this period several discussions would have taken place between the couple. The artists would have considered ending the relationship many times during all this time, but the end point would have been decided between them only now.

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Actor Caio Castro used his Instagram profile last Sunday morning (29), to speak for the first time about the end of his relationship with Massafera. The actor explained that he does not like to talk about his personal life, but he insisted that there was no betrayal:

We were never one to talk about our relationship, we never exposed much about us and it will not be now that I will feed this type of report. But inventing a story of betrayal is nothing more than lack of respect” started the heartthrob. Caio also asked fans to respect the ex-couple’s moment: “If I can ask for anything, I would like to ask for respect for the moment we are going through. Me and Grazi”, finished.

Grazi Massafera also commented on the end of the relationship with Castro. In an interview with Revista Ela, the actress spoke about the end of the two-year relationship: “My relationship with Caio came to an end because we understood it was time for us to go apart. What I can say now is that our story is over”.

Caio Castro is spotted next to a blonde (Reprodução/Leo Dias)
Caio Castro leaves a ballad in Minas Gerais with a girl (Reprodução/Leo Dias)
Caio Castro and alleged affair (Reproduction / Leo Dias)
Caio Castro leaves ballad with blonde (Reprodução/Leo Dias)

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